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Gutter Brothers Gutter Cleaning

2 East Woodland Avenue

Springfield, PA 19604


Annual Maintenance Contract

This contract serves an agreement for the purchase of the following gutter plan described below:

Plan I: Four (4) Annual CleaningsPlan II: Three (3) Annual CleaningsPlan III: Two (2) Annual CleaningsPlan IIII: One (1) Annual Cleaning

*All plans include up to 200 ft of gutter

1. Term This contract covers a period of 24 months unless canceled in writing 30 days prior to the end of the term.

2. Service Gutters will be cleaned and debris removed from roof, including the garage. Downspouts will be cleared and minor repairs will be made to the gutter system when required.

3. Scheduling Spring cleanings will take place in March, April, or May, summer Cleanings in June, July, or August, early fall cleanings in September or October, and late Fall cleanings in November/December. The Gutter Brothers will provide gutter cleaning services without prior scheduling. Please note any special instructions at the bottom of the contract, e.g. close gate, etc.

4. Payment & Late Fees There are two options for payment: The first is to pay after each cleaning. If you choose this option, a bill will be left in your mailbox after each cleaning. The second option is to pay the entire balance up-front when you return your signed contract. If a check is not received with this contract, we will know that you have chose to be billed after each cleaning. A 10% late fee is charged for payments not received within 21 days.

5. Overflow Protection/Guarantee If at any time within 30 days of your last cleaning, your gutters become blocked, we will clean your gutters again at no extra charge. We guarantee your satisfaction.

6. Cancellation No charge for cancellations received within two weeks from the date of the signed contract. Cancellations received after two weeks will be charged 25% of the value of the contract.

7. Mailing Instructions Please keep the yellow customer copy for your records and mail the original white copy to The Gutter Brothers at the above address.


No Interest Financing if Paid in Full:

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The Gutter Brothers Inc,was founded In 2003, It currently operates in Springfield Township, PA….


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